About us

You don’t get to choose your problems but you get to choose their solutions.


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Zariyaaa is a professional mental health organization that renders services in the form of mental health campaign, mental fitness camps, school interventions, self-awareness workshops, therapeutic workshops and person- centric counseling for individuals of all ages.

The services and support provided by the psychotherapists at Zariyaaa help in reducing the conflicts and isolation experienced by the individuals dealing with mental health conditions furthermore providing awareness and preventive sessions to their families.


We at Zariyaaa aim to bridge the long existent gaps between awareness, prevention, identification and provision of therapeutic interventions and aspire to pave people a path that will lead them towards mindfulness and emotional well being.

Mental Health Conditions and their consequences have been prevalent in our society for as long as we can remember but people are still scared to talk about them. Even today, 50 per cent of the population goes undiagnosed and untreated.”


We take mental health seriously and function as a counseling center dedicated to bridging the gap between mental health conditions and mental health services. We cater to the mental health issues of individuals of all ages and groups.

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