The internship is divided into three main kinds of exposure:
  • Theoretical classes, 
  • Practical exposure
  • Exercising the Gift of Therapy
All of which will include the following:
  • How to go about taking an MSE 
  • Case construction and conceptualisation 
  • Case Analysis
  • Exposure in therapies ( CBT, Expressive Arts, Dance movement, Hypnotherapy) 
  • NGO exposure to practice therapeutic skills will be provided as well. 
  • Therapeutic Workshop conduction.
The entire study and other material included in theoretical and practical exposure will be provided by us only. 
Certificates by the end of the internship will be provided as well.

Full Exposure Internship Program

put your knowledge into practice

Our thoughts are the self talk we give ourselves. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a practical and evidence based therapy that helps people improve quality of life through emotion regulation and distress tolerance. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy enables people to identify their self defeating thoughts with healthier ones promoting emotional, mental and physical well being.

  • Introduction to CBT
  • History and Principles
  • Building Therapeutic Relations
  • Case conceptualisation and structuring
  • ABC Model 
  • Mechanism of Thoughts 
  • Disputation of Cognitive Distortions
  • CBT for disorders ( depression, anxiety, personality disorder)
  • Cognitive Restructuring 
  • CBT Techniques
  • Behaviour Modification
  • Self Help through CBT
  • Dealing with different types of clients
  • Anatomy of negative thought process

Includes, Reading material & Certificates


dive into your thoughts

Expressive Art Therapy is a multi modular approach that incorporates writing, drama , dance, movement, painting and music. This therapy encourages people to explore their responses, reactions and insights through pictures, sounds, exploration and encounters with art processes. A person is not require to have an artistic ability to use or benefit from this therapy.


express and heal through art

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