Mental fitness camps

The mental fitness camp is designed to make mental health active, interesting and fun. It is a workout that includes various activities that help in promoting mental strength during stressful situations/ environment.
This camp aims to increase awareness of ‘self’ by identifying both healthy as well as non- healthy behavior patterns. 
Mental fitness camp focuses on 3 major aspects of mental functioning, those are:
  • Cognitive functioning: Which will include a range of activities that will help in sharpening the cognition of the children. Activities that work closely on process on cognitive restructuring of thoughts, schemas, acquired distortions and perception.
  • Behavioral Functioning: Which will include a range of activities that will help in ameliorating dysfunctional behavior and inducing positive coping mechanisms instead.
  • Emotional Functioning: Which will include a range of activities that will help children in building a strong emotional self by engaging in tasks and projects that will encourage them to explore their emotions, the positive & negative sides to their emotions and the impact these emotions have on their decision making tendencies and actions.
Mental Fitness camp not only focuses on the healing of the broken, emotionally wounded and discouraged but also on the overall holistic development of children. Through this camp we induce and inculcate a more rational and positive sense of coping that empowers the individual to deal with diverse complexities of life and heal from the ones that can be extremely emotionally and mentally exhausting. 


  • Insight Generation: Why do you do what you do? Our array of mindfulness meditations, guided self-reflection, and educational content will help children become an expert on themselves, which will empower them to grow and change for the better.


  • Emotional Regulation: Emotions are the spice of life, but not the main course. Our psychologically proven techniques help the children in understanding, accepting, and ultimately controlling their emotional responses so that they can enhance their lives.


  • Cognitive & Physical Health:The Biopsychosocial model that has been one of the core practices by psychologists and therapists strongly emphasizes on the mind & body connection. Mental health impacts blood pressure, food habits, and even inflammation.
    Our activities help children understand their thought process, explore different cognitive distortions, restructure them and soothe the physical impact mind has on the body and vice- versa.
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