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Online counseling and emotional support platform offering to foster mental wellness. We connect you with the right expert, who understands and guides you through completely confidential individual sessions.


Want to become a professional in the field of therapy? Learn from professionals themselves! Join us in our next exposure therapy workshop, ranging from Cognitive behavioural therapy to Expressive art therapies (art, dance,drama).

Therapy packages

Don't just know your therapist, know your packages with Zariyaaa too! Pick a problem centric therapy package ranging from relationship to many more, designed only for you.


Ranging from mental health awareness to therapeutic webinars and group therapy sessions conducted by psychologists

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Need help right away? Book your session 30 minutes from now and our psychologist will be there to help you in your crisis.

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It is okay, not to be okay.

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Take our free questionnaire and understand your mental health status


Whatever triggers you, also reveals what you need to heal.


It comes in waves, it’ll
find you again


Colourblind, and yet being constantly told how beautiful it is

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