Want to become a professional in the field of therapy? Learn from professionals themselves! Join us in our next exposure therapy workshop, ranging from Cognitive behavioural therapy to Expressive art therapies (art, dance,drama).

We at Zariyaaa aim to provide you with workshops that are interactive,
skillful and assist in fostering mental health.These workshops promote
in-depth understanding of various important aspects of therapy and its
execution with prospective clients.They are hosted by a batch of
professionals and sometimes by our founders themselves. Duration of the
workshop ranges from 1-3 days depending upon the topics.

PERKS after workshop :Educational material along with notes are provided to help you keep updated and certificates with LORs for psychology students attending exposure therapeutic workshops


(psychology background)
Choose from the wide range of workshops and ENROLL NOW !

Cognitive Behavioural therapy

2 day workshop exposure focussing on mechanism of thoughts, thinking patterns, self talk,disputation of cognitive distortions, CBT model for various psychological processes and cognitive restructuring in a clinical and non- clinical setup. How to work on the interconnection between our thoughts, emotions and behaviour through CBT, ENROLL NOW.

Expressive arts therapy ( art, dance, drama)

2 day workshop exposure focussing on understanding various expressive techniques as therapeutic modalities work in a clinical and non-clinical setup. Learn it’s history, current role and modalities to use art, dance and drama. Let’s tangify the intangible with art

Couples therapy

An exposure workshop focussing on the theoretical understanding of the problems faced by couples and families. Includes ways of assessing, conceptualising & improving interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships (CBT & Expressive arts techniques). To learn the art of relationships

Family therapy

An exposure workshop focussing on pragmatic understanding of different types of families, dynamics of different relationships involved, how to work through communication gaps & patterns (CBT & Expressive arts techniques), theoretics behind dysfunctional families, reconciliation and fostering positive mental health. To understand families and marriage counseling better


(non- psychology background)
These exposures mainly focus on getting through problems/issues in day to day lives. ENROLL NOW TO EXPLORE YOURSELF

Relationship issues

Understand the language of love and affection between you and partner/ family member/ friend, how to communicate it and work on self- empowerment in your relationships

Working on self exploration

Taking a peek into your own thoughts,feelings, emotions, issues and build yourself a path to positive mental health by discovering new and existing hidden facets of yourself


Help yourself by setting realistic goals and objectives for desired behaviour you wish to achieve. Lead the path towards self improvement by cultivating positive coping strategies and gratitude


Learn how to be mindful of your needs so that you are able to support your loved ones better. Gain understanding of fostering kindness towards yourself even in the toughest of times with our assistance


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